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About AGNI

We not only design and implement a durable and reliable network but also create a strong community that together with us will be able to give a long life to our project, introducing the most interesting proposals to the blockchain.

Slow emission of coins allows for stable long term ROI and should result in a stable coin price. The project is backed by an investment group and will be financed without any crowdfunding, there will be no ICO or auctions.

When AGNI grows and earns the appreciation of the greater community, we will take care of listing on a large exchange.


  • Algorithm: Nist5
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • Block reward: 2 AGNI
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000 AGNI
  • POW/Masternode Split: 50/50%
  • Total supply: 5.500.000 AGNI



May 11 2017

The inception of AGNI project

A group of people investing together in various projects starts thinking about their own cryptocurrency to have control over development and security from pump and dumps to maintain a stable price.
August 2017


The investors organize and develop the charter, personal responsibility areas and shared funding requirements from personal assets.
October 2017

First mistakes

A private prototype of AGNI is launched and testing the stability of the network begins.
December 2017

Team grows

Founders hire a designer who creates a logo, site and all that cool graphics that you see in the media.
January 2018

Changes in the architecture

The algo changed to a more balanced one for mining with GPUs and not overwhelmed by cloud mining.
Febrary 2018

The last preparation for the public launch

Perform the final tests of the network, evaluate and reorganize the goals by priority.
March 29 2018

Public launch of AGNI

Finally the team is ready to present its first born child to the crowd. Cheers!
March-April 2018

First exchange

The first exchange listing for AGNI to empower and grow its community.
April 2018

Listing on different platforms

Requests to various sites such as masternodes.online, mnrank.com, crypto-coinz.net, coinmarketcap.com, masternodes.pro
April 2018

Extensive advertising campaign

Starting wide advertisement, signature campaign and bounty system.
May 2018

Whitepaper for AGNI

Based on the technical achievement to date and through community suggestions and voting the team selects the most pressing issues the community wants implemented and drafts the whitepaper v1.0.
May 2018


Determine the correct skill for new team members depending on whether the community decides to go in marketing direction or technological innovation and open vacancies expecting to fill several positions.
Q2-Q4 2018

Begin working on wallets for various platforms and other whitepaper items

Paper Wallet
Entire 2018

Listen to our community

Keep collecting interesting ideas from the community and adding them to the roadmap. Update whitepaper to v2.0 if needed.
Q4 2018

Launch AGNI CryptoPlatform

CryptoPlatform will not be the ultimate goal. We will analyze your desires and implement interesting applications of AGNI.



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